5 Killer Mistakes That Keep Authors From Having a 5 Figure Book Launch

5figurelaunch author books Jun 07, 2022

Ok, so you’ve written your book, now what? You didn’t just write your book to say you did it, so let’s learn how to get your message to your audience. Most of us expect a level of success with our book by making the Best Seller’s List and even having the ability to no longer work our 9 to 5 to primarily help others. I will share with you 5 of the most common mistakes made by new Authors.


Mistake #1: Not Planning Your Launch For Your Book

If you want sales and success you will need to market your book while you are still in the writing process. Pre-Launch, Launch and Post Launch are the 3 phases of launching a book. A buzz needs to be created and inform your audience that your book is being released soon. Social media should be used in your launch strategy by determining what day your pre-sales will go LIVE. You should be in touch with influencers and others in your industry where your readers are located. 


Mistake #2:  You Fail To...

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