How I had a $17.5k launch in the middle of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we live each and every day. 

Nothing is the same. Literally, nothing.

Honestly, I'm still trying to mentally process school being closed for the remainder of the year- until August- and how to navigate teaching my children, running my business, and taking care of household duties, all while trying to motivate my tribe, provide content, and manage myself at the same time.

This is a territory that no one can provide any insight towards because it's a territory that literally none of us have ever traveled. 

But yet and still, we must still keep pressing forward.

For me, that means running a business and keeping my small children, who are now with me 24-7.

Even with the current circumstances, I still managed to market and have a $17.5k course launch. Here are a few things I did to maintain my momentum during this time.

1. Work heavily on my mindset.

There are many people who have been affected with job losses and unfortunate circumstances....

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Did God Tell You to Write Your Book?

author book writing faith Jan 10, 2020

God Told Me So!

I speak to a lot of women every single week, and one of the comments that I hear the most is “God told me to write my book”. 

I can relate.

God actually told me to write my book several years ago as well. But why does it seem that a lot of believers are comfortable in saying, “Hey, God told me to write my book”?

However, when it becomes time to put faith into action and practice what is preached, people tend to fall off and forget about the mantle that is placed on their lives.

You have to understand that even when you feel divinely led, divinely guided, or divinely inspired to do something, that alone is not going to remove the hard work and challenges that may be involved. 

For instance, I think there's a misconception among believers. When God tells you to do something, it's not just going to fall in your lap. As a matter of fact, your path is more challenging because you are on a divinely guided path. One of the things that...

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