3 Things You Need to Legally Protect Yourself When Writing a Book

legal writing Apr 27, 2018
Hi Power Player!
We are talking about legal protections...What you need to keep others from stealing your work, from selling your work without you getting paid, to registering your work under their name, and all those types of things.
These tips I am going to share are very simple, but they are very important because they will determine the future of not only your book, but your business. I would hate for you to sign over the rights to your book and when it takes off, somebody is able to make a profit off of your work and you have absolutely no idea what’s actually going on.

1. Get your copyright.

You need a copyright. I would suggest that you don’t get it from a third-party website. You actually can go to copyright.gov. You want to make sure you copyright your work in your name. This is a service I give to my clients in my publishing company. I copyright their books under their name so they have all rights to their work. But you can also do it yourself; one...
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