10 Business Lessons I Learned During My First Year as a Full Time Entrepreneur

author book writing money Feb 18, 2020

Today I'm talking about 10 business lessons that I learned during my first year as a full-time entrepreneur. I spent 12 years as a middle school language arts teacher. During my first year as a full-time entrepreneur, I made well over six figures. 

1.Set boundaries. You know from the very beginning what you want. Go ahead and put yourself on a schedule and set boundaries, and set limits. What are the times that you're going to work? What time will you set aside when you're sick? For example, from Friday evening and all day Saturday, I don't respond to any emails. I take some time off for myself and dedicate that time solely and strictly to my family. It's really easy to work all the time when your business is growing.  However, you still have to understand that you need time for your family, and you need time for your personal upkeep. Set boundaries and stick to them.

2. Provide good customer service, but don't take other people's issues on as your own. Somebody else's...

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3 Ways Mompreneurs Can Maximize Their Time

author book writing money Jan 28, 2020

The mompreneur market is very popular now. If you’ve never heard the term “mompreneur”, a mompreneur defines a woman with children, who generally will work a nine to five and have a business. Sometimes mompreneurs are also considered work-at-home moms or moms who work from home. 

You know, she's a “mom.” 

The term “Preneurs” is an abbreviation of “entrepreneurs” and if you have kids, are working, and are an entrepreneur, you are considered a mompreneur. 

‘Mompreneur’ is a combination of the word mom + entrepreneur.

Oftentimes, it's very difficult for mompreneurs to juggle marriage, having kids,  and trying to establish a business. This is especially true if they’re a new mom or if they are struggling to gain/maintain business growth.

Sometimes moms just feel like managing their home responsibilities and running a business is too overwhelming, so they just quit. And I don't want that to be...

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Five Ways Authors Can Connect to Their Audience

author book writing money Jan 21, 2020

Writing now cannot be an ordinary content. It has to be great quality that’s relatable. How do you connect with your audience?

Initially, you must know your audience, their age group, hobbies, lifestyle or demographics. In general, everyone always has a question in mind. Everyone is always looking around for answers. Everyone always has an eye out for solutions. Here are some tips on how you can connect with your audience no matter what niche you are coming from.


Number 1: Be relatable.

When you write your own story, you need to consider the reason why your story will have a great impact. Ask yourself what makes it transformational and what value readers can get from it.  Let your reader in and make them a part of that story. You have a lot to share that impacted and influenced your decision to become an author. Share that journey. So what inspires you? What were some of the things that happened to you? You don't want to focus on the details of what happened as...

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How to Make More Money With Your Book

author book writing money Jan 14, 2020

Many self-published authors write books, but then they struggle to make money from their books. According to statistics, most authors make less than $500/year. I want to help you break this cycle. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Number one: Be very targeted. Targeting is going to impact everything from your content to your marketing. Your book is not for everybody and not everybody would like to read your book. A book geared towards 12-year-olds versus 30- something-year-old women will have different content. Make sure that you do your research. So when you are writing your book, you should have a particular individual or audience in mind that you are speaking to, and this also applies to your book marketing as well. Having clarity on your target audience will help you to position yourself as the expert.
  • Number two: You need to solve a problem with your book. Determine the purpose of your book. What problem does it solve? Are you trying to help people learn, and why should they...
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