3 Ways Mompreneurs Can Maximize Their Time

author book writing money Jan 28, 2020

The mompreneur market is very popular now. If you’ve never heard the term “mompreneur”, a mompreneur defines a woman with children, who generally will work a nine to five and have a business. Sometimes mompreneurs are also considered work-at-home moms or moms who work from home. 

You know, she's a “mom.” 

The term “Preneurs” is an abbreviation of “entrepreneurs” and if you have kids, are working, and are an entrepreneur, you are considered a mompreneur. 

‘Mompreneur’ is a combination of the word mom + entrepreneur.

Oftentimes, it's very difficult for mompreneurs to juggle marriage, having kids,  and trying to establish a business. This is especially true if they’re a new mom or if they are struggling to gain/maintain business growth.

Sometimes moms just feel like managing their home responsibilities and running a business is too overwhelming, so they just quit. And I don't want that to be you. I wrote my book, 20 Pearls of Wisdom:  A Woman's Guide to Self-Preservation and from August to December 2016, I made about $5,000 in book sales. But since then, I've taken that one book and created several streams of income.  It is profitable and working for me. 

So, I want to give you all some tools, tips, and strategies to help you reach your financial growth goals. Whether the money is used to furnish your house, do some extra things for your kids, put into your savings, or even help supplement or replace your job, having extra money begins with having focused strategies.  


Prioritize:  I prioritize faith first, family second, fitness third, finances fourth, and business last. Some of you may ask why fitness is before finances and business. And the reason why I say that is because if you're too sick, aren’t taking care of yourself, too stressed out, overweight, or not eating the right things, then those things are going to have a toll on your health to the point where you're going to have to take time off of work to go to doctor's appointments. Also, if you're sick, your health will affect your business and your finances. That's why I put fitness before finances.

In regards to faith, I always reference the Proverbs 31 woman; she was a jack of all trades. She was a wife and a mother. Her house was immaculate. Her family wore the best clothing. She owned land and went to trade in the city market. She conducted business in addition to taking care of her family. If you read the scripture all the way to the end, it says that she honored God. That's what she did first and foremost. So one thing that I implement is a  habit of starting my day with some form of spiritual meditation. Whether that's listening to a sermon, reading the Bible, praying, or anything like that, I just kind of sit in silence and establish a relationship with God. Starting your day off with some form of spiritual activity will help to set your tone for the rest of the day. Then, when you make it a habit, you will start to get things literally downloaded into your spirit. You'll be clear and have clarity and instructions in your mind and spirit about what to do, and which direction to take. So, definitely prioritize your faith. 

Family. Business does not become before family. Make sure that you put the phone down, give your kids some undivided attention, take care of them, and give your spouse some time. Also make sure that you are eating right and making time to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day because if you're not taking care of yourself, then you can't take care of anybody else. You surely can't take care of anybody else if you're sick or not feeling well from having aches, pains, and being ill.


Time Block and Schedule Your Day: After faith, family, and fitness is your business.  I recently got a planner, and I share this nugget with all my Pearls. My planner literally has the day divided in hourly increments from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM  I write what I have to do at each time, whether it's for my business, working out or time with my family, and that helps me to stay on task. Now, if that time passes, if I get caught up doing something, I don’t go back. Let’s say I had to do something at 4:00 PM and that time has passed. I have to go onto the next item on my calendar because trying to squeeze in the missed appointment would throw me off for the rest of my day...

Optimize the Time in Your day:  If you’re struggling to remember all the things you’d have to do, this option will really help you.  Optimize the time in your day. If you've been following me for a while, you may have heard me say this before. That means, like during lunch, I'm working on something. That doesn't mean that the task has to be extremely detailed, but it could be as simple as engaging on my Instagram. It could be writing a blog post while I'm eating lunch. I'm optimizing the time in my day, getting up 30 minutes earlier before my family, or going to bed a little later. If my husband's working late, then that gives me an hour or two extra to work on my business.

You don't have to optimize every single day. You can choose Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to get up 30 minutes earlier,  go to bed an hour later, and work intently on your business. If you do that, then that’s five and a half hours that you put towards your business by the end of the week. That's better than none, and it's definitely a lot better than stressing yourself out trying to cram everything in.

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