How to Make More Money With Your Book

author book writing money Jan 14, 2020

Many self-published authors write books, but then they struggle to make money from their books. According to statistics, most authors make less than $500/year. I want to help you break this cycle. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Number one: Be very targeted. Targeting is going to impact everything from your content to your marketing. Your book is not for everybody and not everybody would like to read your book. A book geared towards 12-year-olds versus 30- something-year-old women will have different content. Make sure that you do your research. So when you are writing your book, you should have a particular individual or audience in mind that you are speaking to, and this also applies to your book marketing as well. Having clarity on your target audience will help you to position yourself as the expert.
  • Number two: You need to solve a problem with your book. Determine the purpose of your book. What problem does it solve? Are you trying to help people learn, and why should they choose to read your book? And for those of you all who are writing memoirs, your memoir should not only be about yourself; it should still solve a specific problem.  Share parts of your story along with tips and strategies that others can implement. You must be able to provide a solution that can improve their life and/or their businesses as a result.
  • Number three: Include lead magnets in your book. Lead magnets are valuable content that you provide in exchange for someone giving you their name and email address. Remember that your book is the gateway... it is not the final destination. The lead magnets will drive people back to your website. You can include links to checklists, PDFs, and videos by simply including the link in your book at the end of your chapter. At the very end of the book, you can incorporate sales pages, forms, and additional information about how people can purchase items from you.

  • Number four:  You definitely want to use your book to speak because speaking puts you in front of a room where you and the audience are one.  I promise you, if you do an excellent job on the stage, engage your audience, and provide them with tips and strategies that they can immediately implement to get results, you're going to sell out of your books, and you will probably sell out of your higher ticket programs and services as well.

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