Did God Tell You to Write Your Book?

author book writing faith Jan 10, 2020

God Told Me So!

I speak to a lot of women every single week, and one of the comments that I hear the most is “God told me to write my book”. 

I can relate.

God actually told me to write my book several years ago as well. But why does it seem that a lot of believers are comfortable in saying, “Hey, God told me to write my book”?

However, when it becomes time to put faith into action and practice what is preached, people tend to fall off and forget about the mantle that is placed on their lives.

You have to understand that even when you feel divinely led, divinely guided, or divinely inspired to do something, that alone is not going to remove the hard work and challenges that may be involved. 

For instance, I think there's a misconception among believers. When God tells you to do something, it's not just going to fall in your lap. As a matter of fact, your path is more challenging because you are on a divinely guided path. One of the things that Marshawn Evans said is, “God will show you the promise, but He will not show you the process.” Meaning that He'll give you glimpses of what you need to do and maybe even what will happen, but what won't be revealed is what it's going to take to get you from here to there. 

Do it Anyway

You uncover and discover the process while you are in action, when you are in the momentum, making the steps day by day, putting in the effort, and facing your challenges head on. Doing it despite getting scared. Still doing it when you don't feel like it doing it. 

You may want to give up, but you don’t because you know that you have a divine assignment that has been placed on you. 

I can tell you this one thing. When you don't do the thing that God has placed on you to do, you will be replaced. 

I'm telling you this from experience. 

When I wrote my book, 20 Pearls of Wisdom, years ago, there was a nudge down literally in the pit of my stomach that kept telling me to do it, but I procrastinated for years. Then the time came when I knew it was time for me to stop procrastinating and I really just needed to do it. 

No Rest Even on Bed Rest

I was placed on bed rest at about six months into my pregnancy, and so I had to sit at home. I said to myself, “You know what? Let me stop playing and go ahead and get this book finished.” And it was at that point that I finished my book within two weeks. 

Writing my book changed my life because I knew that I was on divine assignment. It did not come easily. It was very challenging. 

I was pregnant, went through labor, all while I was in school and working on my third degree. I was in a new marriage with a newly blended family. I had to go through the entire publishing process. I went back and forth with the edits and with the book cover design. Yes, I had doubts and all these things filled my mind, affected my finances and everything else too, but you know what? Because I knew I was on divine assignment, I did what I had to do to get it done. A lot of us are on divine assignment and only work to the point where it's comfortable, and then once things start getting uncomfortable, we forget about the assignment that we said that we were under. 

As a result, either one or two things happen: Either you are lying to yourself or either you are supposed to be on divine assignment and you've gotten off because you can't take the heat. 

Divine Assignment and Sacrifices

We all know that Jesus had a divine assignment on his life and the divine assignment that he had placed on his life did not come easy. It was full of sacrifices. It was full of pain and things that he did not want to do, but he did it anyway. 

Do you think that if you have a divine assignment, a mantle placed on your life, that the results are just going to fall in your lap without any type of struggle? 

No, you're going to be challenged and yes, it's going to be some type of sacrifice that will be made. 

That sacrifice may be thin finances because you invested in yourself and now have to cut back in other areas. Money will have to be put towards learning and perfecting your craft. That sacrifice may be with you having to do things you don't want to do such as early mornings and late nights. Your sacrifice might be learning self-control,  taming your tongue, and learning to be quiet when you want to say something the most. There are a lot of different types of sacrifices, but whatever the mantle is on your life and whatever your divine assignment is right now, there's going to be some type of sacrifice involved and it's not going to feel good. 

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When you are on divine assignment, then you have to trust that God will give you the provisions that are necessary in order for you to complete the task, regardless of how it may look. I kid you not. There have been some investments that I've made and I didn't know where the money was going to come from. At the last minute, I was able to generate a sale that completely covered the cost of the investment. 

If you stop in the beginning or in the middle, you won't get to your goal. You have to go and not just let your words talk, but you actually have to put your faith into action. If you say that God told you to do something such as write a book, then stay committed to the process. Stop quitting. Stop giving up on yourself. Stop doubting yourself and talking yourself out of doing that thing that you said you're supposed to be doing. 

I will tell you this:  there is no gray area. 

Either you're going to do it or you're not. When you do it, you'll be blessed for doing it. The blessings will come in ways that you can't even conceive, think or imagine. But when you don't do it, God will find somebody else who is more willing.

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