Four Time Management Strategies to Maximize Your Day

As a coach, you are often pulled in several different directions that need your attention. Family life comes with day to day responsibilities and surprises- some, you can’t control. Add running a business to that, and you’re required to to take care of administrative needs, branding needs, content creation as well as working with clients. If you lack time management skills, the lack of prioritization will add unnecessary stress to your life.


Here are 4 strategies I use to manage my time, avoid burnout, and be front and center when it’s time for me to show up for my family:


Step 1:  Designate 

I designate certain days of the week for administrative work only, content creation only (2 days), working with clients only, following up with leads and completing tasks rolled over from earlier in the week.


Step 2: Delegate 

Ask for help and hire help. Whatever your budget can afford, outsource tasks that can free up your time to relax or complete things that YOU are needed for. For example a laundry service, cleaning service or caregiver that may be able to assist in transporting your children to and from school. In your business, you can hire an executive assistant to manage your calendar and inbox and a marketing assistant to assist you with emails and marketing efforts. 


Step 3: Do Not Disturb

This feature can be used on your cell phone to keep you focused on your tasks at hand without distractions. Distractions can be time consuming whether you realize it or not.


Step 4: Time Block

Make a list of the things that you have to do for the week and then assign a time to complete the tasks. There are different planning tools that can help with this such as ClickUp and Trello. Once you plan that, you can add it to your Google calendar for an alert to remind you. When the timer goes, finish working on that task, then move on to the next.


Be consistent with these strategies for 30 days, and you will see a difference in the time you have available and the newfound freedom and relief that you experience. 

Which of these strategies will you implement in your business? Comment below and let me know!

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