If I Were Still Working My 9 to 5 While Growing My Business, Here’s What I Would Do

Not many people can say that they are a full-time entrepreneur without ever having worked a 9 to 5. Although I am a full-time entrepreneur today, that has not always been the case. I was a teacher for 12 years and built my business to six figures while working. Knowing what I know now, I will share with you what I would have done differently.


Shift #1: Invest In Help

I experienced burnout because I was doing everything in my business, preparing the kids for school, dropping them to 3 different schools, going to work, coming home and cooking, then working on my business at night into the early morning hours and doing it all over again. I did not think I could afford help, but the truth is that I wanted to keep my profits for myself. I did, and it came at a cost. I should have expanded my business team (by hiring an assistant and more team members) and home team (by outsourcing laundry and housekeeping) much earlier than I did.


Shift #2:  Invest In High End Programs Sooner

There was no one that I knew who was trying to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish. Many were content at their jobs and were blind to online business. I needed a coach that had been where I was and who was advanced to where I wanted to be. I was investing small and not receiving everything that I needed. I was only receiving “pieces” of the puzzle. At the time, my mindset did not allow me to invest big or even bigger results. Be very clear on what you desire when looking for a coach. Mindset coaching and speaking coaches were the areas that I needed help with, and that’s what I invested in first. 


Shift #3: Increased Prices Earlier 

I was trying to provide premium service to people who were looking for a discount. The value I was providing far exceeded the amount I was charging. The same mindset that I discussed in #2 that held me back was the same mindset of the clients that I attracted. I had to understand and realize that I may not be a good fit for everyone and that I couldn’t price my services to what I THOUGHT people would pay. 


Shift #4: I Would Have Treated My Business As A Business, Not A Side Hustle

I would have taken myself more seriously by dressing and showing up as the professional that I have always been. My upbringing and training had me thinking that I had to be an employee primarily and that publishing books was just a side hustle. In reality, I provide a service that is needed just as much as any other profession and needed to be treated as such. Things began to shift when I gave my business the same attention, focus and seriousness as I gave my day job. Eventually, due to this mindset shift my business began paying me as a business and I was able to leave my day job and be paid a salary by my own company. 

Shift #5: I Would Have Jumped Into My Fears 

I would have implemented changes sooner. Fear, pessimism and skepticism would not have held me back. I used to delay decisions because I was fearful of hurting people or taking risks, but the delays caused destruction. Lean into the fear and into the unknown. I believe that every challenge and obstacle are learning experiences for me to be even greater than I thought I could be. 


Looking back on where I started I’m sure these shifts would have catapulted my business sooner. My intent is to save you some time by avoiding some mistakes that I encountered at the start of my business.

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