How Changing Your Book Writing Approach From Sharing Your Story to Solving a Client's Problem Changes Everything

#clients writing Sep 22, 2021
Jasmine Womack
How Changing Your Book Writing Approach From Sharing Your Story to Solving a Client's Problem Changes Everything

Many coaches make the mistake of assuming that if they are writing a book, then it has to be deeply profound, emotional, and include intimate details of their personal story. The fact of the matter is, this couldn't be furthest from the truth.

As an emerging powerhouse coach, your first and foremost priority should be increasing your visibility, establishing yourself as a credible and verified authority in your industry, generating leads, and turning those leads into sales.

And there's no better way to do this than by writing a book where you share frameworks, background knowledge, and coaching strategies with your readers.

Here are 3 ways that changing your book writing approach will transform your coaching future:

  1. Write your book to create authority positioning. When you write a book to "share your story", then you become like 80% of authors who take time to write books about themselves. These type of books typically do not sell, don't help anyone, and will not help you grow your business. As a coach, however, you should focus on writing a book aligned to your topic of expertise. Writing a high quality book immediately shifts others' perception of you and positions you as a credible authority on your topic. Hint: You need to also show up, have the image, and produce high value content on your topic.
  2. Deliver your reader results with your book. Writing a solution-oriented book in which you dial in on your zone of genius allows you to give tidbits and strategies to help your readers get results in their life or business. When you can help someone get a result on a smaller level, they will desire to work with you to get results on a deeper level.
  3. Don't view your book as a "book". View it as a marketing tool and sales asset, because that's exactly what it is. Your book is a lead generation tool and opens the doors to higher paying clients (who convert quicker), passive income products, speaking engagements, and more. Your job is to get your book into the hands of as many people as possible with the goal of creating a shift in their hearts and minds, and converting them into clients.

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