Where Experts Transform your Million Dollar Message into a Bestselling Book, Premium Priced Coaching Program, and Become a Sought After Speaker



It’s time to maximize your message, elevate your brand, expand your business, and be respected as a thought leader. 

It’s time to get off the merry go round of confusion and delay, accelerate your progress, and turn your knowledge, skills, and experience into a professionally written and self published book!

Your expertise? 
Not a question.

Your leadership skills?

Your influence?
Already transforming lives one at a time.

Are you ready for your next level?

  • You are a leader, executive, speaker, consultant

  • You want to do more than write a book— you want to establish legacy, be respected and seen as the go-to person in your field, maximize your visibility and monetize your message

  • You are results-driven and you are determined to get results! All you need is the step-by-step blueprint to make it happen!

  • You embrace technology and leverage it to reach your goals faster

  • You’re ready to accomplish success Beyond the Book— with professional speaking, podcast interviews, passive income, and more!

  • You want to expand your network and get the guidance, support, and high level community on your writing journey

  • You want a step by step approach to make your success easy

You will learn our
Ignite Your Influence Framework:






Just Imagine...

  You have five figure bulk book orders just waiting on you because you’re not only an expert in your field, but a successful published author.

  Your expertise, influence, and million-dollar book ideas that have been in your head for years are finally displayed in a revenue generating book with royalties.

  Your audience is growing like wildfire and you can confidently say your book is creating the additional exposure you’ve been waiting for.

  You’re experiencing confidence and clarity in your messaging like never before, owning your expertise, and writing your book like a breeze.

  You have a fireproof system and strategy to organize your ideas, write, finish, and publish your book, so you can expand it into multiple streams of passive income.

It’s all more than possible for you. All you need to do is follow the system and do the work.


Where Experts Transform your Million Dollar Message into a Bestselling Book, Premium Priced Coaching Program, and Become a Sought After Speaker


Life Before the Academy

  Spending months (or years) attempting to write

  Self published w/ no results

  Depending on "free" publishing advice online

  Not sure what steps to take after your book is written

  Scared to step from "behind the scenes" and be visible

  Undercharging for speaking and coaching

  You know you have a lot to offer but you're not quite sure how to maximize your potential

Life After the Academy

  A professionally written and published book in record speed to help you build and grow thought leadership

   Clear path and plan to profits and opportunities

  High level network with other thought leaders

  Simple, yet profitable book funnels to turn readers into customers and customers into clients

  Scared to step from "behind the scenes" and be visible

  Expansive visibility

  Engaged, growing audience and expert platform

Hear What Some of Our Students Have to Say

Shatara Oliver wrote her book, launched her coaching program and booked her first two four figure clients!
Samanda Marshall got past her overthinking and writer's block, released her book and made her first four figures in book sales in less than 30 days!
Darius Fennel wrote his book and made his first 4 figures in sales despite having an engineering background and no former entrepreneurial experience!


You will go through 5 stages:

Developing a Million Dollar Mindset

You will learn how millionaires think, develop fearless focus, prioritize your time, and authentically shift into the next level version of yourself.

Write Your Thought Leadership Book in Record Speed

You will follow my step-by-step framework to easily and confidently write your book from beginning to end, chapter to chapter, and cover to cover, and receive personalized instruction, feedback, and guidance from our expert coaching team within a group format

From Concept to Creation- Bring Your Best Selling Book to Life

Empower yourself as an expert through self-publishing. You will control the production process, build your publishing team- (no worries, we help you there), help you navigate the editing process, and successfully self-publish, and pre-sell your book. You will also be equipped with our recommended vendors, plus resources, tools, and templates you need to launch effectively, and position yourself as the go-to expert in your field and get the respect you deserve— all while adding a passive, curriculum-based stream of revenue to your business model that grows your back end sales.

Published and Paid Marketing and Launch Strategies and Systems

Do you need a marketing strategy? Do you need a book launch plan and accountability to execute it? No worries! Within the Academy, you will become best friends with marketing and PR, and begin spreading the word about your new book, strategies and more! You’ll also set an easy book funnel with no-sweat tech designed to help you double your sales on autopilot!

Monetize your success beyond the book by becoming a sought-after speaker and growing your consulting business.

The key to monetize your book and grow your business and brand to multiple 6-figures is through successfully selling your book, becoming a sought-after speaker, and building your consulting business. 

And you are going to learn how to: sell up to 1000 books in a year, sell book orders, get the A to Z formula to become a sought after speaker and building your professional speaking brand, and create, develop a premium price consulting program and book your clients.

Our goal in the Academy is to help you successfully self-publish your thought leadership book, become a sought after speaker, and create and sell your transformational consulting program.

So in this program, you'll leave with the minimum of three streams of income.

As a Member of Published & Paid Success Academy, You'll Also Receive:

1,000 Book Sales Strategy ($35,000 value) – Get the step by step strategy to sell 1,000 books in one year without having to discount your book or sell it for cheap– and that’s so easy that ANYONE can do it! And it does not require expensive ads, complicated funnels, or time intensive bulk book orders!

Bi-Monthly Live Group Coaching, Audits, and Feedback ($20,000 value) – Get expert strategy and feedback on your work as well as training and accountability so you can achieve the impossible with your book and business!

Access to the Published and Paid Success Academy Curriculum ($20,000 value) - Access the curriculum responsible for helping hundreds of high level thought leaders accomplish their goals of writing best selling books that increased their influence and income.

From Corporate Pro to Coaching CEO (BONUS COURSE) ($20,000 value)  You are building a second branch of your business. This is designed to help to create a service that you sell as an extension of your book and embrace making sales

Become a Sought-After Speaker  As an author and as an expert, you must also speak about your topic. And in this program, you will learn the A to Z on how to build out your speaking career and your speaking topics, develop your signature speech and get in front of the right people so that you can get booked to speak on in-person and virtual stages.

12 Business Acceleration Group Challenges ($12,000 value) – A one week period each month where you and your classmates focus on implementing one core strategy for a week for familiarity and maximum results!

Monthly Virtual Co-Working Session ($10,000 value) – This is a working session designed to give you focused time to get work done and accomplish clear objectives - with accountability within a community of your peers.

Guest Experts ($8,000 value) –Experts from Jasmine’s network who will provide bonus pop up trainings

Eligibility to Attend Published and Paid LIVE ($4,000 value)  – As an Academy student, you have priority to attend our live, in-person networking and training seminars. (You will be able to attend at the rate that is current at the time of your enrollment.

Quarterly Virtual Planning and Business Intensive Training Sessions ($4,000 value) – As an Academy student, you are eligible to attend our virtual networking and training seminars.

Private FB Community (Priceless) — Maintain connection and community, access peer reviews, and get support from Jasmine and the coaching team in between sessions


This community is for you if:

  • You’re writing a non-fiction book that showcases your subject matter expertise

  • You want to create “beyond the book offers” and grow your business

  • You want to share your story so you can help others 

  • Becoming PAID is just as important as being PUBLISHED
  • You are ready to go to the next level with your ideas, strategies, products, and services

  • You are clear on what you want to accomplish - you just need the roadmap and support to make it happen
  • You’re willing to stick to the process to obtain your desired outcome

This community is NOT for you if:

You want to write a children’s book, a fiction book, romance novel, memoir, cookbook, or poetry book

You only want to share your story

You get easily overwhelmed

You tend to give up and quit on yourself

You’re not going to show up for yourself and do the work

You expect for your book to write itself

You prefer to complain instead of being committed

You are not interested in using your book to start or grow a business

You have a book that you wrote more than three years ago without success, but you refuse to be coachable and do something different to get a different result. 

You're in the right place.

Published and Paid Success Academy is for you if you want to build your brand, write, and sell a professional book that will expand your brand, create opportunities, and establish your legacy.

  • Coaches

  •  Consultants

  •  Executives

  •  Therapists

  •  Speakers

  •  Trainers

  • Leaders

  •  Administrators

  •  Service Based Business Owners

  •  Self Help Experts 

  •  Ministers

  •  Entrepreneurs


TOTAL VALUE: $45,000

Your Investment



One-time Payment

Pay in full the first 48 hours and get your book cover designed by us.



12 Monthly Payments

Offer available at this price for only 48 hours.



Non-Refundable Deposit

620+ Credit Score, Annual Household Income of $35k. If self employed, must provide W2/Check Stubs of 2 years' history of self employment.
**Note: Your enrollment and access to program curriculum, services, and support is active for a period of 12 months.
I had ideas but needed direction for all the ideas swirling in my head. Working with Jasmine has been so much more than I expected. I thought I would just come in and write a book, but I’ve actually made the shift into a business owner and CEO. There are times when I’m pulling in 3x as much as what I’ve invested, and the beauty is that I’m doing it on my own terms.


Author of “Reigniting Your Impact: Actionable Strategies for Overcoming Leadership Setbacks and Defeat"
Jasmine is more than a writing coach. She’s a purpose activator. Her background and anointing allows her to see purpose lying deep within each author she coaches. She was able to discern and give power to my true purpose underneath the expectations I allowed others to place on me. Her program quieted the noise in my mind and awakened gifts within me that I was afraid to open. Now with a finished book, newfound confidence, I’m now sharing my story, speaking at conferences and selling bulk orders of my books.


Author of “Planted to Produce"
I wrote and finished my book in 3 days and published it within 6 weeks. I pre-sold 200 copies of my book which hit the Amazon bestseller list prior to selling a bulk order of books - all this along with my consulting training to the HR department at Amazon, and securing a five-figure consulting contract.


Author of “Dirty Diversity: A Practical Guide to Foster an Equitable and Inclusive Workplace for All" and "The Pink Elephant"
I chose to exercise faith and enroll in the Bootcamp and I’m so thankful because I would have been totally lost without it. The guidance to do it the right way the first time is absolutely worth it. I have learned way more than I thought was possible and was able to do it at warp speed. From my book content, to publishing to launching and now building my business, I would not have been able to do this as quickly and successfully on my own.


Author of “Mom Keys To Mental Peace”
Working with Jasmine and the Team has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. They helped me to go from struggling to finish my book to writing and launching two books within 1 year, hosting a conference, speaking, and enrolling high ticket clients! I had the drive and focus… I just needed the strategy and support, and they provide that. And we are just getting started!


Author of “Resilient as F*ck: How to Fight For What You Deserve" and "Level Up: 365 Days to Empowered Living"
Prior to working with Jasmine, I already had a few published books and a coaching program but wasn’t getting the results I desired. After working with her, I wrote my book and secured a bulk book order and paid training. She also helped me make adjustments to my coaching program, which resulted in over $200,000 in sales by the end of the year, while still working full time.


Author of “14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation: A Guide to Navigating the Dissertation Process and Finishing in Record Time"
I worked with Jasmine and finished writing my book in 48 hours. I released my book about 8 weeks later, and my book hit #1 on Amazon in New Releases and #7 on the Best Seller’s List. I also secured three paid speaking engagements, 1 bulk book order that paid me four figures, and secured several consulting contracts that amounted to $120k in 90 days.


Author of “I Said What I Said: 10 Practical Strategies to Find Your Voice, Own Your Truth and Live Unapologetically”
I worked with Jasmine, wrote and published my book. I was able to make my very first $1,400 before my book came out.
I then secured a speaking engagement and my first small bulk order of books! This is just the beginning!


Author of “Black Coffee”
I worked with Jasmine in the Author Made Easy Bootcamp to write and finish my book. Although I have a successful business that pays very well, after working with Jasmine and becoming an author, I was able to get my book in libraries in two states, my audience has grown, and my book has already proven to bring in multiple streams of income.


Author of “Own Your Story: Take Off The Mask And Be Your Authentic Self”



Meet Jasmine


Featured twice by Forbes, and described as: "The Harriet Tubman of the author and self-publishing space".

I'm the CEO of The EMPACT Group, LLC, a seven-figure coaching and consulting brand. As a writing consultant and coach for over 3,000 self-published authors, I've witnessed how every story can shift mindsets, break social strongholds, create generational change, and help you evolve into the leader you were meant to be.
Today, I've made it my mission to help people just like you tap into their expertise and leverage it to create massive impact and income. From writing to publishing, marketing, and offer creation, I can take you from $1000+ book sales to multiple five figures in less than a year, all while building a life you love.

It’s time for You to Join Published and Paid Success Academy.