A course to help busy professionals share their story, successfully navigate the self publishing process, and make their first $1k in sales.


Attention aspiring authors, new speakers, and emerging coaches:

Do you want to write a book but you don't know where to start?

Are you extremely busy and need support along with a system that's paced out to allow you an opportunity to write your book in a timeframe that's easy and comfortable for you without pressure, rush, or overwhelm?

It's time for you to progress past the procrastination, clear the clutter, and finally write and self publish your best selling book.

And if you've been looking for a sign, this is it.

This is your opportunity to join the Academy, take your idea from concept to creation, and make your dream of being an author a reality.

No more writer’s block, late night Google searches, and endless YouTube videos that leave you feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.

I'm here to remind you that you have what it takes to write and publish your book and use your story to impact the world.

And with the right strategy and support, you can bring your dream into fruition, take your idea from concept to creation and add the coveted title of “Author” to your name.

As a member of Published and Paid Academy, you will get access to:

  • Access to the proven Published and Paid Success Academy  Curriculum 
  • Accompanying Resources including step by step writing, self publishing, and tech tutorials to simplify the writing and self publishing process
  • Done-For-You Website Templates (easily customize with a free Canva account)
  • Social Media Promotional Content Templates (that you can easily customize with a free Canva account)
  • Unlimited Access to the Exclusive Member-Only Published and Paid Academy Private Community (via Facebook for additional support from Jasmine, The EMPACT team, and other members as you write your book and go through the self publishing process)
  • Monthly Group Q & A with the EMPACT Coaches
  • Access to support and feedback in the Facebook group from Jasmine and the team



During your time in this course, you will learn how to:

Write your book and share your story
File your copyright
Find and vet editors
Get your book cover designed for under $100
Make your first $1000 with your book
Design a starter author website in under 30 minutes
Create 30 days of content from your book
Self Publish Your Book on Amazon
Get access to support withing our Private community
Expand your professional network more!

How it works:

Published and Paid Success Academy is organized into nine instructional modules along with additional bonuses. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson; therefore, the instructional content is sequential and intentionally designed to help you progress step by step, week by week, with ease. 

 The goal of Published and Paid Success Academy is to provide you with the strategy, systems, and support you need to share your story, package your expertise and write and publish your book– and do it in a way that works with your schedule and allow you easily to accomplish your goal without overwhelm.

This means that in the next 12 months (or less), the goal is for you to have your book written, self published, launched, and selling.

This is a self study course where each lesson builds on the previous lesson.

This allows you to go at your own pace, implement what you learn and actually progress— while still handling the responsibilities of your career and family, and still make time for yourself. 

It is not advised that you skip ahead and skip steps, because it will only confuse you and delay your progress.

This course is the best solution for busy career professionals who desire to accomplish their goal, but still need space to manage and balance time and life while doing it.



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What People Are Saying

What I loved about this information is that we were provided with the proper tools and guidance to self publish a book correctly.

Ja'Net Dessesseau

Author of "Just Gracefully Driven: Regaining Clarity on Your Purpose, Dreams, and Goals"

I have been working on my book for the last nine years. This system helped me work through my fear and anxiety. I wrote and finished my book in a few weeks.

Casheena Parker

Author of "No Longer Broken: Heal From Your Trauma and Empower Your Future"

I have been saying I wanted to write my book for so long. I would start and stop, and then I just felt like it would never happen. I love the support and felt like this information was the answer to my prayers. I was able to accomplish my goal of writing and finishing my book in just a few weeks.

Saundra Golden

Author of "Make It Stop! A Young Woman's Guide to Overcome and Prevent Dating Abuse"

I remember when I was working on my first book. 

I was a newlywed, a young mother, a new bonus mom, expecting my second child, and was in school working on my third professional degree. I wrote my book in 12 days but because of life (school, kids, moving, work, chauffeuring my bonus daughter back and forth to school sports events, etc.), it took me about 6 months to a year to actually get through the editing process and publish my book.

There were four things that helped me accomplish my goal:

  1. Time
  2. Success Strategy
  3. A Clear Plan
  4. A Supportive Community

And that’s what we provide for you in the Published and Paid Success Academy.