Your book lying idle on a “virtual shelf” at Amazon, as just ONE of millions of self-published books, won’t give you the impact, influence or income you desire.

your one way ticket to being a best selling, impactful author with the best book sales on the virtual block that will make the other authors wonder “How does she sell so many books and not have a book agent or be on contract to a publisher?” It’s all in how you work your Mindset, Messaging, Monetization & Marketing.

“Jasmine helped me write and launch my book in 8 weeks. I then implemented Jasmine's strategies and secured 10 people for my first virtual course, and two of them secured me for 1 on 1 coaching. Launching my book and implementing the strategies I learned was the catalyst to help me propel forward."

Danielle Wright, author of “Power in My Pain

Is this for you?

— If you're a career professional, a coach or consultant

— If “permanent” aspiring author status frustrates you

— If your progress is blocked by an anti-sales or an “I hate marketing” mindset

...Then this $49 training is especially for you.


January 15th, 3pm - 8pm, EST a five day limited access to the replay

During this course-correcting session,
you will learn:

 How finishing your book is only the first step. Most new authors waste time because they don’t build momentum with their newly released book. If you do your due marketing, you save time by getting attention and sales quicker. As an independent author AND career professional, time is of utmost importance, so saving time (and getting sales NOW not later) is a huge blessing.

Why some authors grab lots of public attention and features, or are invited to speak at popular events...while others never gain a drop of visibility. Their story, once told, is quickly forgotten. No one remembers their name. Want your spot in the first category without spending $1000’s on a PR or media agency?

Writing a book that solves ONE problem is critical to turning browsers into buyers. So how do you find that problem quickly and effectively? Learn how to sift your story for possible problems and then use it to build your book quickly and logically.

Why you must avoid the “Author’s Abyss” if you want real success on book selling platforms like Amazon. And what type of mindset gets you there even if you have a hard time believing you can actually do this


Add this event to your calendar now: January 15th, 3pm - 8pm, EST

“I wrote and finished my book in 3 days and published it within 6. I pre-sold 200 copies of my book and hit the Amazon bestseller list before selling a bulk order of books along with my consulting training to the HR department at Amazon, and moving on to secure a five figure consulting contract.”

Dr. Janice Gassam, Ph.D, Author of “Dirty Diversity: A Practical Guide to Foster an Equitable and Inclusive Workplace for All

Your presence at this session gets you:

  1. Insights into how to create messaging that positions you while you leverage the power of your 6 Figure Story

  2. Behind-the-scenes access to Author Made Easy® Bootcamp from graduates who were just in your position. Watch me pull back the curtain with three, no-holds-barred Client Success Hotseats

  3. An up-close opportunity to get all your burning aspiring author & biz strategy questions answered with a Q + A … we’ll turn your training into a hot session of #AskMeAnything

PLUS You have an opportunity to apply to join me for a BONUS VIP Private Masterclass on Sunday, January 17th, 2020 at no additional investment (more details provided after you secure your seat) + get access to the replay (available for a limited time following the event)


“I worked with Jasmine in the Author Made Easy Bootcamp to write and finish my book. Although I have a successful business that pays very well, after working with Jasmine and becoming an author, I was able to get my book in libraries in two states, my audience has grown, and my book has already proven to bring in multiple streams of income.”

Shellinda Miller, Author of “Own Your Story: Take Off the Mask and Be Your Authentic Self

I’m Jasmine,

your Six Figure Storytelling Coach, and I’ve taught my clients to sell thousands of books and make hundreds of thousands of dollars— using mindset, messaging, marketing and monetization to get their message in the hands of those who need it most.

Forbes has featured me twice, and I’ve challenged over 1000 impactful authors, just like you and me, to shift how they leverage their influence to get major income and make a major impact in their business and personal life.

Because you deserve “just published” success AND the rewards that come afterwards when you message, market, monetize and do the mindset work the way I show you!

See you on: January 15th, 3pm - 8pm, EST

Ready for my SUCCESS + REWARDS in 2021!