Episode 10: Leverage Your Book to Create a Course

Ep 10: Leverage Your Book to Create a Course 

In this episode of the Published and Paid Podcast, Jasmine Womack shares her insights on how to transform your nonfiction book into a profitable course or coaching program. Jasmine delves into the benefits of creating additional revenue streams, engaging with your audience on a deeper level, and providing immersive learning experiences. She also discusses the importance of clear, measurable learning outcomes and structured content to ensure client success.

Key Points:

1. Leveraging Your Book: Turning your book into a course or coaching program can provide additional revenue streams and expand your audience.

2. Learning Styles: Catering to different learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) by creating courses.

3. Interactive Learning: Courses offer an interactive and immersive learning experience compared to just reading a book.

4. Recurring Revenue: Courses can generate recurring revenue through monthly payment plans or memberships.

5. Structure and Planning: Importance of prewriting and planning your book content to easily transition into course material.

6. Measurable Outcomes: Setting clear, measurable outcomes for your course to ensure client success.

7. Course Creation: Developing a course outline, determining the format of lessons, and creating accompanying materials.

8. Practical Tips: Using platforms like Kajabi for hosting courses and teaching live sessions if budget is an issue.

"Creating a course from your book allows you to engage with your audience on a deeper level and provide immersive learning experiences." Jasmine Womack

"Set clear, measurable learning outcomes to ensure that your clients achieve the desired results from your course." Jasmine Womack

"Your book will provide the entry-level knowledge, but your course or coaching program offers the accountability and support needed for true transformation." — Jasmine Womack


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