Episode 9: How Therapists Can Leverage Their Book to Secure Coaching Clients and Expand Their Brand (with Cameisha Brewer, LPC)

Ep 9: How Therapists Can Leverage Their Book to Secure Coaching Clients and Expand Their Brand (with Cameisha Brewer, LPC)

In this enlightening episode of the "Published and Paid Podcast," join us as Cameisha Brewer, a licensed professional counselor, successful entrepreneur, and client in the Published and Paid Academy, shares her journey as a therapist and author who created a thriving private counseling practice.

Cameisha reveals how she wrote her book and leveraged it to attract high level clients to her coaching pr

ogram to help them build their private practice. Tune in to learn about her book,"The CEO Clinician," her journey, and gain insights into effective marketing strategies, balancing work and life, and the power of publishing a brand building book to grow your business.

Key Points:

1. Cameisha’s transition from education to private practice.

2. Strategies for therapists to establish and market their private practices.

3. Insights from her books, focusing on addressing the challenges faced by high-achieving women and therapists.

4. The role of continuous learning and adapting new strategies in professional growth.

5. How writing and publishing can open new doors and create significant business opportunities.


  • Cameisha’s Website: (http://cbrewerconsulting.com/start)
  • Follow Cameisha on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook: @CameishaBrewer -
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"I get to work with therapists and teach therapists how to set up structure, market, and scale their solo mental health private practice in 60 days." — Cameisha Brewer, LPC

"I didn't know how many opportunities I had missed by not having a book for the audience I was targeting." — Cameisha Brewer, LPC

"We focus so much on getting published that we don't focus on the monetization and getting paid enough." - Jasmine Womack



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