Episode 8: How To Create Your Dream Team

Welcome back to the Published & Paid Podcast! I'm your host, Jasmine Womack, and today we’re exploring Episode 8: How To Create Your Dream Team.

In today's episode, we dive into the essentials of intentionally hiring and training a dream team for thought leaders, professionals, and consultants. Creating a team isn't just about filling roles; it’s about crafting a culture of success and ensuring each team member can contribute to your vision for the future.

Key Takeaways:

Conceptualizing Your Dream Team: Before you start hiring, identify the core outcomes your team should achieve to create a positive experience for your clients.

Building a Culture of Excellence: Focus on developing a strong community feel within your team that aligns with your business values and vision.

Hiring for Outcomes, Not Just Roles: Shift your hiring practices to focus on the specific outcomes each role is responsible for achieving, enhancing alignment and effectiveness.

Intensive Training and Onboarding: Commit to a thorough training plan for at least the first 12 weeks to ensure all team members are confident and competent.

Leveraging Technology and Competence: Ensure that every team member is comfortable with the technological tools they need to succeed.

Identify Key Outcomes: Understand the impact you want your team to have on your clients and outline these goals clearly.

Draft Detailed Job Descriptions: Create job descriptions that tie directly to the outcomes and metrics your team should achieve.

Use Personality Assessments: Consider incorporating personality assessments during the hiring process to ensure a good fit.

Develop Hiring and Training Processes: Document your hiring and training steps to maintain consistency and quality as your team grows.


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Until next time, keep striving, keep innovating, and keep leading your team towards the future you envision. See you in the next episode!


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