Episode 6: How to Approach Bulk Book Orders in Your Business

Welcome back to the Published & Paid Podcast, Episode 6: How to Approach Bulk Book Orders in Your BusinessI'm your host, Jasmine Womack, and today we're diving deep into a strategy that can exponentially increase your impact and income: bulk book orders. 

After shedding light on the complexities of referrals in our last episode, we're shifting gears to explore a lucrative opportunity especially relevant for consultants, speakers, and trainers.

Why Bulk Orders?

Bulk orders are the fast lane to income growth for authors. While selling books one at a time is rewarding, selling in bulk can skyrocket your revenue and extend your reach far beyond individual sales.

Strategies for Success:

  • Target the Right Audience: This episode zeroes in on those of you who have the type of book that can be sold in bulk. Think big—corporate clients, educational institutions, and large groups are your targets.
  • Connect and Network: Engage with influencers and leaders who have access to groups. This includes educators, book club leaders, speakers, and podcast hosts. Your goal is to connect with those who can introduce your book to a wider audience.
  • Offer Creative Packages: Don't just sell your book; bundle it with your speaking or consulting services. Propose your book as a value-add for workshops and presentations.
  • Leverage Communities: Build relationships with people who lead communities, whether they're running coaching programs, membership sites, or organizing large events. Pitch them the idea of buying your book in bulk for their members or attendees.
  • The Magic Number: Imagine connecting with 40 people who each commit to buying 10 copies of your book. That's 400 books sold, translating to $10,000 if sold at $25 each—a significant boost by any measure.

Time to Shift Your Mindset:

It's time to move beyond the one-on-one sales approach. Larger quantities not only mean more income but also a greater impact. This episode is designed to help you rethink your strategy and embrace the potential of bulk book sales.

Take Action Now! 

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Till next time, keep writing, keep inspiring, and keep making a difference with your words. See you in the next episode!





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