Episode 5: Dropping the Ball: What To Do When A Referred Service Doesn't Go As Planned

Welcome to the Published & Paid Podcast, Episode 5: Dropping the Ball: What to do when a referred service doesn't go as planned 

In this episode, I share a personal story that brings to light the challenges of relying on friend referrals for business services and the aftermath when things don't go as planned.

Key Highlights:

  • The Complexity of Referrals: My journey through a referral gone wrong, illustrating the importance of professionalism and communication in business relationships.
  • The Impact of Referrals on Personal Connections: How a referral not only affected a business outcome but also strained a personal relationship, teaching me the weight of my recommendations.
  • Navigating Business Referrals: Strategies for when a service based on a referral doesn't meet expectations, emphasizing communication, compliance, and the significance of contracts.
  • Building Trustworthy Connections: The episode underscores the necessity of establishing clear criteria for business partnerships and the wisdom in cautiously navigating referrals.


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This episode offers a candid look into the lessons learned from business referrals gone awry, aimed at empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your professional endeavors.

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