Episode 3: Leveraging Your Book to Obtain 5 Consulting Offers with Lisa Willis

Published & Paid Podcast: Episode 3: Leveraging Your Book to Obtain 5 Consulting Offers with Lisa Willis

Hey there, welcome back to the Published and Paid Podcast! I'm your host, Jasmine Womack, and today's episode is super close to my heart. 

In episode 4,  we dive into the incredible journey of Lisa Willis. From her days on the basketball court to becoming a celebrated author and consultant, Lisa's story is a masterclass in leveraging one's achievements for new opportunities.

Here's what we're unpacking today:

  • Lisa's transformation from an athlete to an author and sought-after consultant.
  • The strategic use of her book, "When the Buzzer Sounds," as a tool for opening consulting doors.
  • Insights into Lisa's self-publishing journey and her approach to keeping her narrative authentic.
  • Practical advice for authors looking to monetize their expertise beyond the book.
  • Lisa's perspective on resilience, mental performance coaching, and her mission in schools.

A couple of highlights:

  • Lisa's candid sharing of the ups and downs of her post-publication journey.
  • Her strategic pivot and the actionable steps she took to garner consulting offers.

Before you go, I encourage you to connect with Lisa and explore the resources mentioned in the episode. They're incredibly insightful and could be just what you need to transform your own journey.

If you loved this episode, don't forget to subscribe and share it with someone who could use these insights. It might just change their approach to sales like it did for me.

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