Episode 2: How to Monetize Your Book

Welcome to the Published & Paid Podcast - Episode 2: How to Monetize Your Book

Hey there! I'm Jasmine Womack, and I'm thrilled to have you back on the Published & Paid Podcast. Today, we're diving into a topic close to my heart: monetizing your book. 

In this 20-minute episode, I'll share the wisdom I've gathered over seven years in the self-publishing industry, tackling the common obstacles authors face in monetizing their work. We're going beyond limited thinking to explore the importance of mindset, sales, and marketing strategies. I'm here to guide you on how to enlarge your vision for your book, build and nurture your audience, and effectively communicate and charge for your value.

Key Insights: 

  • Expanding Your Mindset: I'll discuss the potential that lies beyond just selling books and how to envision your book as a pivotal element of your brand and business.
  • Building and Nurturing Your Audience: Learn why an engaged audience is crucial and discover strategies for audience growth, both organically and through paid efforts.
  • Marketing and Sales: I'll highlight the significance of marketing and sales strategies from the get-go and share how to put these plans into action successfully.
  • Communicating Your Value: Emphasizing the need to articulate what you're offering and to confidently charge for it, I share my thoughts on valuing your work. 

Call to Action:

I challenge you to defy the common belief that authors make less than $1,000 a year. With the right approach, reaching a goal like selling 1,000 physical books in a year is not only possible but within your grasp.

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Stay tuned for more guidance on creating a thought leadership brand and business around your book.




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