Episode 1: Mission & Vision

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the "Published and Paid Podcast" with Jasmine Womack, your nook for transforming knowledge, experience, and expertise into impactful intellectual property. This episode lays the foundation for those ready to leverage their insights into books, online courses, coaching programs, and consulting offers, aiming at not just wealth building but establishing authority and creating a lasting legacy.

Key Highlights: 

- Jasmine's Commitment: Offering advice based on personal success stories to maintain integrity and authenticity in guiding listeners.

- Incorporating Faith: Merging biblical wisdom with business acumen, respecting diverse beliefs while sharing transformative insights.

- Guest Selection: Featuring trusted clients and network connections, ensuring high-value content for listeners.

- Overcoming Fear and Procrastination: Encouragement to move beyond fear and imposter syndrome, emphasizing action over perfection.

- Personal Empowerment: Jasmine's journey from education to entrepreneurship, showcasing the freedom and financial success possible through leveraging one's expertise and creating opportunities.


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This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their professional journey through thought leadership, expertise, and actionable advice.


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