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A 12-month Business Mastermind for Published Authors Ready to Expand Their Visibility, Turn Their One-on-one Coaching Into a Scalable Curriculum Based Group Offer, Grow Their Business to Multiple Six Figures, and Build Their Team.


The Author Made Easy Business Mastermind Logo

A 12-month Business Mastermind for Published Authors Ready to Expand Their Visibility, Turn Their One-on-one Coaching Into a Scalable Curriculum Based Group Offer, Grow Their Business to Multiple Six Figures, and Build Their Team.


Being everyone's go-to expert is great and all, but I know you'd rather be doing it on a larger scale

your own profitable group coaching program, exploded visibility, speaking, and let's not forget the multiple six figures in revenue.

You love your coaching clients and the work you do, but it's okay to admit the idea of taking on any more one-on-one clients is paralyzing.

You're in a season of overserving — speaking in other people's programs, coaching one on one, and just grateful to finally be seen for your craft.

But the truth is, it's time to stop living in other people's shadows.

I know you've got the book, had some successful launches, and maybe even had some speaking engagements here and there. But now it's time to shift into your next level.

And it's not to say that you're not doing the work.

Because I see you:

  • investing in the programs
  • leveraging your book to build your brand 
  • coaching one on one and yielding real results

But you still can't seem to figure out the formula to grow and scale your business and build the life and business you desire without burning yourself out.

You’ve worked with clients and helped them obtain results, but you are still underpricing and over-delivering

You want to add a profitable, scalable coaching segment to your author/speaker business model

You regularly speak and present at events, seminars, conferences, and virtual events, but you do not have anything to sell outside of your speech and your book

Imagine what it will feel like when you:

  • Have a high-value, high-profit product to sell
  • Able to help your readers show up for themselves on another level and get the results they desire
  • Enroll 5-10 (or more) students per month at a $3k-$10k price point from the stage, and never need to use complex ads. 
  • Add a new stream of predictable revenue where you are able to transform your reader and audience into a four-figure client.
  • Free up your time and triple your income by transforming your one on one services into a high-quality, high value group coaching program.
  • You speak, sell your book, and have people rushing to pay you thousands of dollars to work with you

I created the Six-Figure Storyteller® Business Mastermind for the expert who's tired of being a burnt-out storyteller and ready to become a multiple six-figure one. 

You and your expertise deserve expanded visibility through professional speaking opportunities.

You and your expertise deserve a business with a team you hired confidently and can trust.

You and your expertise deserve a premium-priced group coaching offer that allows you your time freedom, along with multiple six-figures in income.

And in the Six Figure Storyteller® Business Mastermind, I'm going to show you how.

A 12-month Business Mastermind for Published Authors Ready to Expand Their Visibility, Turn Their One-on-one Coaching Into a Scalable Curriculum Based Group Offer, Grow Their Business to Multiple Six Figures, and Build Their Team.

  • Free speaking engagements
  • One on one clients 
  • Limited time and a packed schedule
  • Struggling to charge higher prices 
  • Trying to figure out your next steps all alone
  • Struggling to do everything yourself and operating as a team of one

  • Inconsistent income

  • Lead a community of high-level leaders
  • Having a step by step strategy to success and support from an amazing community
  • Getting paid to speak

  • Helping more clients get excellent results while dedicating less of your time

  • Reducing your stress and workload by growing your team

  • Confidently accepting higher payments for the value you provide

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry

I designed the Six Figure Storyteller Mastermind to help published authors like you:

  • Turn your book into a premium-priced ($3K-$10K) group coaching program 
  • Explode your visibility through podcasting and professional speaking
  • Make informed hiring decisions when hiring your first contractor and building your team
  • Rest knowing that your business is in good hands, because you’ve built a team you can trust
  • Build the life and sustainable business that comes with being a true Six-Figure Storyteller®.

I've done it for myself and hundreds of clients before you.

Here’s what you can expect in the Six Figure Storyteller® Business Mastermind.

Your Year at a Glance.


Magnify Your Marketing - Visibility and Brand Building for Authors, Speakers, and Coaches

Increase and multiply your marketing strategies. Leverage the media, book podcasts, and obtain maximum attention, increased respect, and credibility as an expert in your field.


Monetize Your Message – Create Your Six Figure Group Coaching Program

Create an evergreen, automated system designed to leverage your speaking and turn your one-on-one coaching services into a scalable, premium-priced group coaching program.


Multiply Your Message – Six Figure Speaking

Learn the power of speaking and presenting a transformational message to an audience of many. You won’t waste your time mass-pitching cold leads and getting nowhere! Nurture and build relationships, create your signature speech, deliver a powerful message to your ideal audience, and turn them into hot leads ready to do business with you.


Making Your First Hire, Team Management and Personal Maintenance

Make your first contract hire and establish a work-life harmony. Build the life and business that you love.

You’ll Receive World-Class Support, Community, and Accountability, plus:

  • Six Figure Storyteller Mastermind Curriculum

  •  Private Online Forum

  •  Live Group Calls with Jasmine + The EMPACT Team

  •  Quarterly Planning & Implementation Retreats (In Person + Virtual)

  •  Weekly Work Submissions, Review, and Feedback

  •  Guest Experts

  •  Templates, Scripts, Checklists

You've been trying to figure out how to scale to multiple six figures without maxing out your time for a while now, but you don't have to keep doing it on your own. 

It's time to come out from the shadows and work towards the visibility and income you deserve in the Six-Figure Storyteller Business Mastermind.

You already have what it takes.

Now it's time to do the work and shift into your next level.

The choice is yours.

Are you ready to work?


Hi, I'm Jasmine

your Six-Figure Storyteller® Expert.

Featured twice by Forbes, and described as: "The Harriet Tubman of the author and self-publishing space".

I'm the CEO of The EMPACT Group, LLC, a seven-figure coaching and consulting brand. As a writing consultant and coach for over 1,000 self-published authors, I've witnessed how every story can shift mindsets, break social strongholds, create generational change, and help you evolve into the leader you were meant to be.

I am a generational educator and publisher helping professional coaches and subject matter experts authors become six-figure storytellers by teaching them how to package, market, and monetize their expertise to impact and transform the world.

As a former middle school educator of 12 years, I leveraged my professional credentials, shared my story, and built a seven-figure business in the online space.

Today, I've made it my mission to help people just like you tap into their expertise and leverage it to create massive impact. From writing to publishing, marketing, systems, speaking, and course creation, I can take you from thousands to multiple six figures in less than a year, all while building a life you love. And I'm ready to help you do that in the Six-Figure Storyteller Business Mastermind.