Leaders come to me when they are ready to write and launch their books and use their books to create impactful platforms and profitable businesses.

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Author Made Easy Bootcamp

A 12- Week coaching program for emerging coaches, speakers, and corporate professionals. to write, publish, promote, launch your book, and launch a profitable 1:1 coaching program in 12 weeks.

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Author Made Easy®: Business Mastermind

A 12-month mastermind designed to help published authors become Six Figure Storytellers and build a profitable business through speaking and creating a premium-priced group coaching program.

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"Before hiring Jasmine, I had a large following and two books. I was getting clients, but I wanted to make a shift in my income and business model. Jasmine helped me to create a signature program based off of my second book, as well as an effective launch strategy. In less than 8 weeks, after our VIP day, I had a five figure program launch."

Lakia Brandenburg
Creator of "Teach Me How to Be a Wife" 6 Week Course

I finished my book in 24 hours and was holding it less than 7 days later.

Jasmine gave me the strategy and in 24 hours, I had started, written, and finished my book. Not even 7 days later, I had boxes of my books ready to sell at my conference that weekend. A few days later, I booked a client who paid four figures in full after she saw my book online.


During Our VIP Day, I wrote and finished my book. From 0 to 18 chapters completed.

"I needed a book to provide more value to my speaking and coaching services in the college education and leadership market. I worked with Jasmine, followed her strategy, and completed my book within six hours. 18 chapters completed. I struggled for years to write my book and we got it done in 6 hours."

Roy Shavers, author of "Be Great!

My VIP Day with Jasmine was absolutely outstanding.

Writing this book has been a dream of mine for 12 years. After working with Jasmine, I now have a clear plan, timelines, framework and her accountability to publish my book.


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