Twenty Pearls of Wisdom

At one time I was the “Self-Sabotage Queen”; living recklessly, making stupid decisions, and being involved in counterproductive relationships. With my college degree, luxury sports car and a fabulous life, I LOOKED like I had it all together. In reality, I was secretly sad, lonely, and wanted more out of my life.

Like my old self, you may be facing the same realities ...

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Simple Prayers for Swift Results

In Simple Prayers for Swift Results: 7 Short Prayers to Reveal Your Path and Purpose in Love, Live and Business, I share my personal prayers that will help you maintain and improve your prayer life, and help you get very quick answers regarding...

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Kenya Rena

"I held your book, "Twenty Pearls of Wisdom: A Woman's Guide to Self-Preservation," in my purse. It not only helped me to remain focused and to remain hopeful, but it also helped me get the job done and done to my greatest potential."  


Keshia Harper

"I read Jasmine's book as my form of meditation. "Twenty Pearls of Wisdom" should be in the hands of girls, teenagers, young ladies, our daughters, nieces, sisters, cousins, god daughters, and mentees. It is a TREASURE! While reading your book, I found myself saying, "Umm hmm and yep", having been able to either personally relate or recall someone else's experience, to the reflections you shared. This is a go-to book, that can be revisited when we need reminders of how to transform, develop and then preserve our pearls as women.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BEAUTIFUL!"

Domonique T.

"This book provides high valued content for women in all walks of life! I absolutely love how Jasmine expresses the importance of finding self-love and care for ourselves before beginning any new chapter in our life. This is a definite must read!!!!!"