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"I was skeptical at first because I didn't believe that virtual coaching would work for me. But I stuck with it and trusted the process. As a result, I finished my book in 48 hours and secured a $30,000 corporate contract within 8 weeks of completing the Bootcamp."

Dr. Danielle Sweet Jones, PhD
Author of "I Said What I Said:10 Practical Strategies to Find Your Voice,Own Your Truth, and Live Unpologetically"

"Jasmine helped me write and launch my book in 8 weeks. I then implemented Jasmine's strategies and secured 10 people for my first virtual course, and two of them secured me for 1 on 1 coaching. Launching my book and implementing the strategies I learned was the catalyst to help me propel forward."

Danielle Wright
Author of "Power in My Pain: The Keys to Convert the Pain of Infertility and Chronic Illness into Personal Power"

"I launched my book and sold 100 in 1 week and booked 2 speaking engagements. I then spoke at an event and sold about 15 books within 30 minutes. Right now, I’m working on closing two bulk sales for college-based programs."

Krystal Davy,
Author of "A Journey Into Womanhood: The Key Guide for Millennial Women to Achieve Success, Self-Love, and Happiness"

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