Are you ready to stop struggling to write your book, and finish your book in less than 90 days?

Attention Aspiring Authors,

It’s time for you to progress past the procrastination, clear the clutter, and finally become a best selling author.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it! I’m here to remind you that you have what it takes to write and publish your book and use your story to impact the world. 

You don’t have to take months (or years) to write your book.

Do you:

  • Want to share your story and use your story to impact others in a positive way?
  • Suffer from procrastination, overthinking, and trying to figure out how to pull your thoughts together and start your book?
  • Find the process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book complex and overwhelming?
  • Wish you could write a high-quality, impactful book within the next 90 days?
  • Desire desire support and accountability so that you can increase your chances of success?
  • Desire an easy to follow step-by-step blueprint to write and finish your book so you can get off the rollercoaster of information overload?
  • You need to clarify your topic and audience, the strategy to ignite your creativity, and support to move past the writer’s block you’re experiencing?

The reason you don’t have that yet is because you’ve been doing this alone. You’re stuck in your own head with tons of questions about what to do, with no clear, concise path to success.


I know how you feel all too well. 

Long before I started helping authors write their books in as little as a few days, I struggled for 10 years to write my book.

It was a 10 year cycle of Start-stop-start-stop.

I struggled with fear and wondered if my story was good enough. I would ask myself questions like

“What will people think? What will (insert name of person)  say about this? Is this really good enough? I have a ton of ideas- but where do I actually start?”

After I shifted my mindset, I was able to move past those blockages, increase my confidence, get clear, and as a result, I finished my first book in 2 weeks.

And I’ve gone on to help hundreds of authors do the same.

What you need is clarity, core concept development, identify your credibility, and a full understanding of the needs of your reader.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Author Made Easy Foundations


This course is for you if: 

  • You’re writing a non-fiction book
  • You want to share your story so you can help others
  • If you hold back because you have so many ideas and topics, and you don’t know what to share or where to start
  • Know that you have so much potential,  but you’ve been struggling to kick into action
  • Have a ton of ideas jotted down in different journals and you’re trying to make sense of it all
  • You wonder how much of your story to share
  • You’re willing to stick to the process to obtain your desired outcome.


This course is not for you if:

  • You want to write a children’s book or a fiction book
  • You get easily overwhelmed
  • You tend to give up and quit on yourself
  • You’re not going to show up for yourself and do the work
  • You expect for your book to write itself

Here’s what you’ll get inside of Author Made Easy Foundations: 

Module 1: The Mindset of a Best Sales Author: Gain clarity on your purpose as an author and your vision for your life.

Module 2: Embrace Your Voice: Learn how to overcome your doubts and share your truth even when it offends others.

Module 3: Niching Your Topic: Develop Crystal Clear Clarity on your topic and gaps in your industry. Learn how to align your book with professional organizations to increase your success Beyond the Book

Module 4: Research and Relevance: Learn how to easily use social media to research your specific audience ahead of time so that you can write a relevant book that addresses people’s needs, and use this information to help guide your content during the planning process.

Module 5: Understanding The Writing Process: Understand the writing process so you can plan your book, develop your outline, write your first draft and learn about the publishing process.

Module 6: Your 10 Minute Website: Save time, headache and money- create your branded website and establish your platform in under 10 minutes.

What's Included:

📚 Six Weeks Online Curriculum

📚 Six Group Coaching Call Replays

📚10-minute website: Build your own platform, save thousands in design fees, and create your own website



⭐️ Affirmation and Playlist for Authors - 100 Songs for Inspiration, Motivation, and Focus to Ignite Your Creative Juices When You are Writing (or Need and Extra Boost)

⭐️ Productivity Plan- Make time in your schedule so you can write your book and finish it in less than 30 days

⭐️ Community Support- Join the Published and Paid private community of over 100 authors to get accountability, motivation, and advice while you are on your journey

⭐️ Six Weekly Group Coaching Call Replays- If you need additional support, you have access to the weekly group coaching call replays that are sure to answer your pressing questions and concerns along your journey.

⭐️ Create a Synopsis that Sells- The back cover synopsis is a critical component of your book that will either attract or repel your ideal readers. Learn the S3 Method to write a back cover synopsis that compels people to purchase your book once they pick it up!

⭐️ Get Paid- Create Your Pre-Order Payment Link- Don't worry! You get the step by step instructions on how to sell your book and get paid online and at events.

⭐️ The Writer's Workshop: How to Make Your First $1000 in Book Sales without Paid Ads- This is a pre-recorded live training that includes a 30-day marketing plan to help you market, promote, and sell your book.



"I have been working on my book for the last nine years. This program helped me work through my fear and anxiety, and I wrote and finished my book in a few weeks. "

Casheena Parker
Author of "No Longer Broken: Heal From Your Trauma and Empower Your Future"

""What I loved about the program is that we were provided with the proper tools and guidance to self publish a book correctly and the knowledge we received is worth so much more than what we paid. I mean the modules alone were so enriching, the weekly Q&A's, and the FaceBook support group was ammaaaazzzinng!"

Ja'Net Dessesseau
Author of "Just Gracefully Driven: Regaining Clarity on Your Purpose, Dreams, and Goals"

"I have been saying I wanted to write my book for so long. I would start and stop and then I just felt like it would never happen. I love the support and felt like this course was the answer to my prayers. I was able to accomplish my goal of writing and finishing my book in just a few weeks. "

Saundra Golden
Author of "Breaking the Chains: Healing from Teen Dating Violence"


No, publishing is not included. However, you will learn about the publishing process, what’s required, and where you can find the help you need to publish your book.

Each Q & A session is recorded. You will have access to the recording of the Q & A sessions so that you can review it on your own time.

Make up Q & A sessions are not available at this time. You will be able to watch the replay

You will have an opportunity to get your questions answered on the live Q & A calls. Due to the volume of students in this program, individual manuscript review and revisions are not available. However, you will have the option of upgrading your level of coaching, if you so choose.

You have lifetime access to the course. You’ll be able to pick back up and move forward when you are ready and able.

Someone is waiting on your story to get to their next level in life. Now is your time. It’s time to write your book and impact the world.


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