Attention Aspiring Authors,

It’s time to stop struggling and finally write and finish your book, maximize your message, and increase your influence.


You are great at what you do. You know your industry inside-out, and you are already changing lives.

...but your goal is to write and publish a quality book that you can use to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your field, grow and expand your personal brand, and catapult your speaking and coaching business, all while serving your audience on a deeper level.

You want to use your book to change lives. And you want to use your book to change your life.

Is this you?

You are a high performing entrepreneur who is already thriving in business. You're already speaking, but you want to establish yourself as a true expert and thought leader in your field. 

You are an ambitious working professional who has a history of MLM's, side hustles, and businesses that didn't quite work out. You're ready to really grow your business, and you need a book to help you do it.

You are an expert and leader in your field who everyone comes to for leadership help and advice. You need to be more accessible where it matters most, and you need to package your expertise in a book to help the masses.

You don’t want to simply share your story. You want to use your story, your experience, and your expertise to write an impactful book and teach others.

You write well, and you’ve been thinking about writing your book yourself, so you’ve been on the fence with getting help. But the truth is, you're unsure of doing it the right way. 

You know that you need the structure, support, and accountability so that you can publish a quality book without procrastinating additional months and years. You need to do this NOW.

You’ve been thinking about writing and may have even tried other writing programs, but you didn’t get the help you needed. You’re over the fluff, and you do not want to waste time. You need a sure-fire strategy to identify your topic, organize your ideas, and write and finish your book so you can publish it and expand it into additional streams of income. 

Having a book allows you to:

… impact more people on a larger scale. 

… share your story, expertise, and experiences that will help people get the results and transformation they are looking for.

… experience more fulfillment in your life and business by allowing you to help the people who need your information the most.

… use your book to increase your credibility and make more money from paid speaking engagements.

...and much more.

Introducing The Author Made Easy Bootcamp:

A Live 3-Day Event Designed to Help You Write and Finish Your Book in 72 Hours Or Less

Since writing my first book, I've influenced thousands of women and made over $300,000. It took me years to write my first book. Now, it only takes me 24 hours. I am going to show you my system so you can do the same.

See What Sets Author Made Easy(™) Bootcamp Apart from Any Other Writing Program


My Story.

Since writing my first book, I’ve influenced thousands of women and made over $300,000.
It took me 10 years to write my first book, but now it takes me only 24 hours.

When I was writing my first book, my goal was to help young women avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that I experienced during my young adulthood. I was simply a woman with a dream and a strong desire to write and help others...and I was trying to do it while balancing a full time career, motherhood, a new marriage, and grad school.

Every time I sat down to write my book, it seemed as if life would get in the way... there were moments when I felt that I had too many tasks to complete, felt tired, and as a result, year after year after year passed by.

I also was trying to write, but I had fears because I was concerned about what people would think. Was I making a fool of myself? Would anyone read my book?

Not to mention, every time I sat down to write a chapter, I couldn't move forward because I would re-read what I wrote, I didn't like the way the sentence sounded, so I would erase it and start back over. I was a perfectionist who was trying to edit while I wrote, and I struggled to make progress because of it.

This kept me in a cycle for 10 years until I finally made the decision to stop playing around, and once I shifted my mind, I finished my book in only 12 days.

My book opened doors I could have never imagined.
It helped me renew my confidence in myself.
My book helped me to establish myself as an expert in my field.
I used my book to help me to create content.

Before my book, I had no digital thumbprint. But shortly after my book was released worldwide, you could officially “Google Me” and read about my features, accomplishments, and other interesting things I was doing.
My book led to the creation of a membership, coaching programs, higher quality speaking engagements, and additional streams of income.

My book was the key that unlocked my future.

It’s time to stop overthinking it. It’s time to stop procrastinating. It’s time to bring the work forth that’s been pushing to get out so you can make your mark, increase your impact and your income.

Look no further. You can accomplish all of this and more in Author Made Easy(™) Bootcamp LIVE

We previously taught this process over a span of 8 weeks. But now, we've refined our system to help authors finish their book in a just a few days.


Author Made Easy Bootcamp Live Curriculum at a Glance

Private training location in Atlanta, GA.

Date: April 17-19, 2020 

Time: 9:00am- 5:00pm EST

Day 1: Reader Audience Clarity

Develop your mindset and crystal clear clarity regarding your audience to insure that your book meets a specific purpose and is aligned with your one and two year goals.

Day 2: The Secret Weapon

Learn the secret weapon that helps our authors write and finish their impactful books quickly. You will write your book on Day 2.

Day 3: The Final Stretch

Finalize your book and make sure that it has all moving parts. Learn how to monetize your book.

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Success Stories

APPLY NOW for AME BOOTCAMP April 17-19, 2020



You want to write a book, and you've tried to... but you find yourself in a cycle of start-stop-start over and over again.  The process is overwhelming and you know with the proper guidance, assistance, and accountability, you'd be able to finish your book and move forward with publishing it.  You've thought about many different ways to share your story, and you have so many ideas going through your head that you struggle to make sense of it all, organize it, and stay consistent with writing. You KNOW you have a story to share, and you know that with the proper strategy, structure, and guidance, you will complete your book- once and for all.

APPLY NOW for AME BOOTCAMP April 17-19, 2020

Imagine Yourself as a Published Author, Launching Your Speaking Career, and Seeing Thousands of People With Your Book in Their Hands

Published Books By a Few Of Our Graduates


Who This is For...

  • You are a high performing entrepreneurs, ambitions working professionals, experts, and leaders with a proven knowledge, and you want to reach more people by packaging your expertise in a book.
  • You want to write a non-fiction book and use it to grow your business.
  • You have been trying to write your book on your own for years, and you need the strategy and accountability to finish.
  • You've toyed around with the idea of writing a book. You know you could make a bigger impact by finishing your book.
  • You are not easily overwhelmed, and you are determined to finish what you start.

Who This is Not For...

  • You want to write a children's book or fiction book.
  • You're not coachable, flexible, and open to learning new methods.
  • You simply want to "share your story" and not use your story to help others get a tangible result in their life or business
  • You're not willing to do the work that it takes to finish your book.
  • You aren't committed to the process.
APPLY NOW for AME BOOTCAMP April 17-19, 2020

"I struggled for 5 years to write my book. After working with Jasmine in the Author Made Easy Bootcamp, I finished my book in only 5 weeks and am now a published author!"

LaRhonda Maiten
Author, The ABC's of Gratitude

"I struggled for over 3 years to write my book, and I finished it in only 6 weeks in the Bootcamp! I made over $1000 within 30 days of my launch and secured several speaking engagements. I'm now working on my second book using this same system!"

Tara Boddie
Author, Marriage is a Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Had Known...

"I struggled for years to write my book and even worked with a previous writing coach, without results. I needed help bringing my ideas together and developing my content. With Jasmine's help, I finished my book in only 6 weeks."

Maya Elious
Author, Built To Impact: Master Your Message, Make Money, Change The World

"I already had a successful business and wasn't thinking about writing a book until I saw Jasmine on Instagram. I joined the Bootcamp to write my book and started at 0- nothing written- and finished my book in 6 weeks! After working with Jasmine, my audience has grown and my book has already proven to bring in multiple streams of income. Trust the process and keep the faith while you do the work!"

Shellinda Miller
Author of "Own Your Story: Take off the Mask and Be Your Authentic Self"

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have an additional 4 weeks of support and access to the program for an entire year. However, we are all about taking fast action and not making room to procrastinate, so you are encouraged to finish your book within the 8 weeks.

No, it's not recorded and virtual attendance is not available. Due to the focus of our 3-days, it's mandatory that you travel to Atlanta to attend so that you can be fully immersed in the weekend. 

No refunds will be given, so please be certain you are ready to move forward prior to enrolling. 

This bootcamp helps you write and finish the first draft of your book. Publishing is not included.

Full payment means that you pay in full. 

Payment plans are equal payments over the course of a monthly basis. Payments are auto-drafted. There is no way to make exceptions to payment arrangements when on flexible payment plans. 

You may be able to write a book, but you want to make sure it's done correctly. Even if you are a strong writer, many writers miss important marketing elements that need to be included in and throughout the book. This bootcamp helps you effectively and strategically write a book that you can easily turn into multiple streams of income through speaking, product, and program creation. 

Please note that one on one options do not come with ongoing coaching. However, if this is your preference, click the button below to schedule a call. 

There is a 15-student maximum to ensure that students get the focus, attention and coaching that they need. 

Many professionals and high-performing entrepreneurs have entered this program to write impactful books. Regardless of industry or expertise, our students all have one thing in common: they excel at what they do, but they struggle to write their book and they want assistance from a proven professional to help them. (If you want to write a children's book or a fictional book with characters, this program is not for you).

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, click the button below to schedule a complimentary call.


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